Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ms. Mango and the restroom confrontation

Ok... I am from a small town and there are not a lot of Muslims, even fewer who hijab. But I was still a little shocked when I was in the restroom of the public library washing my hands and a lady comes in and stares me down for a while, looking a little frightened. As I was about to escape her, she stopped me, our conversation as follows:

Lady: ur Islamic Right...

Me: Yeah... u could say that.

Lady: well... I wondered know cause your hair is all covered.

Me: Yeah... I'm Muslim.

Lady: oh.... But you don't think all that bombing and stuff they are doing is right do you?

Me: They? Bombing? sorry I don't follow u...

Lady: oh I did not me to offend you or anything...but you know 9- 11 and stuff.

Me: Ohhh.. well I don't have time to explain it all but.. I don't blow up any buildings, neither do any of the Muslims that I know and I know quit a few, Islam is a religion of peace.

I smile and exit the restroom but Lady is not done she follows me...

Lady: What does peace have to do with blowing up things?

Me: whispering because this is a library

Nothing.. I just told you... those people are not really Muslims, read a book... a real one. Islam is not about blowing things up and such.

Lady: Yeah but... want to come to my bible study?

Me: oh...I get it now...sorry I'm taken.

I make my exit before she can respond...the nerve of some people
Has this ever happened to you?


John said...

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Ms. Mango said...
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Stephanie said...

Salam Alaikum
I'm just waiting for the day a Christian tries to convert me. I got my answers ready and would love to debate. This hasn't happend to me personally although I do get a lot of people asking me questions about my hijab. Love your blog. Look forward to more.

Ms. Mango said...

Salaams Stephanie and Thanks for the comment. I am sure you know how it is being a muslim in a non muslim in a christian society... I just try to stay polite :D

The reverts secret said...

Salam ....... mashallah lol i love your answer im taken ill be using that 1!!! stay strong!!


City Hijabi said...

lol mashallah you did well...we're all dawah carriers after all and what we say can impact on the perception of all Muslims....also, you never know who you might revert...That hasnt happened specifically to me but its similar...I sometimes mention that not all Germans are nazis and not all Irish are part of the IRA (the latter is about a group called IRA who bombed London years ago). So why tar all Muslims with the same brush?

jjj said...

i was on the train going home when this lady - very nice i might add - gave me space to sit. She was being so nice through out the journey and i thought wow, what a nice woman, may Allah guide her (I assumed she wasn't muslim cos she wasn't wearing hijaab). Anyways I get off at my stop and she did too (at the same stop) she then turns to me and says, would you like to come to my church? I was so taken aback considering I am a jilbaabi niqaabi so I said "no thank you. would you like to come with me to the mosque?" and she also said no so we went on our merry way :) love you blog so far

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