Thursday, June 11, 2009

Peasent Skirts

Salaam to all!!

I was at Cato's fashion today and they had these peasant skirts in all colors... I did not purchase one... I could not make up my mind about them.

Peasant them or hate them?

I think they are cute but in a way the white ones look a little like tissue paper!

what do you think?


Stephanie said...

I like peasant skirts but I have always been a fan of the boho hippie look. The only issue I have is that sometimes their not long enough to cover the ankles. I'm mostly an abaya wearer now, but I still like to wear a peasant skirt under the abaya cuz its so light and airy and cool.

Ms. Mango said...

Salaams, thank you for your post. The best thing about these skirts is that they are very light. I have experimented with the boho hippie look... I'll have to post the results :D

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