Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have been super busy

  • I got the JOB!!!!! (I don't start for a while though)

  • I am looking for a new apartment!!! (Husband wants to remain living in this one bedroom slum... but I am sooooo over it)

  • I ate fresh mango again and well.... I am paying for it ( I thought I was only allergic to the skin of the fruit...thanks wikipedia!)

I'll post a pic of my new classroom when it is all fixed up, I am so excited!

I'll post a pic of my new apartment... once I find one :D

I will not be posting a pic of my Mango Face... It is not a pretty picture, and lets just say those Hollywood celebs with their collagen lip injections got nothing on me!

Oh... and I need some one and two piece hijabs (nice quality) for my new job anyone know where I can find them cheap online that ship to the US?


The reverts secret said...

Congrats mashallah!!

Stephanie said...

Congrats!! What are you teaching?

Ms. Mango said...

salaam and thanks for the congrars ladies
Inshallah I will be teaching kindergarten this coming school term... i love it!

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