Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I hate FRANCE! & First day of school

I wish I had a Burkini, I swam in my cloths!

Let me get this out of the way
I hate France and the way they treat Muslims, I went to my Yahoo homepage today and what do I see?
'Burquinis' banned from pool
A Muslim woman's head-to-toe swimsuit sparks a new controversy in France.
Officials cite hygiene issues
my first response is "Oh my Bleeping Word! are they serious?" I was so mad and then jerk face in the article makes such a stupid remark that I almost vomited in disgust:
Emerainville Mayor Alan Kelyor said he could not understand why the woman would want to swim in head-to-toe clothes.

"We are going back in civilization," he said by telephone. Women have fought for decades for equal rights with men, he said. "Now we are putting them back in burqas and veils."

BACK IN CIVILIZATION? since when is being naked so 'modern' since when is being forced to swim in your underwear or not at all freedom or a right? I am not oppressed and I don't want to show my body to the world because it belongs to me! It is my right as a woman to respect myself and my personal freedom.
screw your health care France! I may die on the floor of a hospital here in the U.S. due to a lack of health insurance but at least I will be wearing my Hijab ya punks.

Now, on to the good stuff
I taught my first class ever today and I must say I rocked it!

we took pics and I got to teach the children how to greet their fellow Muslims and all. I loved it, I felt like a mom! Kindergarten is a strange new world for these kids and there were tears, and all of them were from the boys, My girls were so with it!

Highlight of my day/year: I drew a T chart on the board, (we were voting on what color fish to get for our class pet) anyway, little Ali raises his hand and says "That's Haram!" May Allah Bless him, he thought it was a CROSS ! I ran over and hugged him and said I am sooooo happy you know that, he is only 5! wow, I almost teared up. It is going to be a great year.


Fatimah said...

YEAH i saw that article today too--- i pretty much had the same reaction. ridiculous.

glad you had a great first day hamdallah! sounds like it will be a great year :) those kids sound soo cute mA

Queen said...

i would not take a holiday in france even if i t was paid for me!!! they seem to be so intimidated by muslims, i really dont know what there problem is!

mashallah your first day seems to have gone nicely i really hope that this feeling last till the end of year!

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Awwww I love that age group! They come up with the darnest things lol

AlabasterMuslim said...

Wow that really REALLY makes me angry. First of all, we are not going 'back in civilization' because women have never stopped wearing hijab and burkas and niqab. These people will be punished (allahu'Alim) and i can't say feel one ounce of pity for them.

Butt....CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! It sounds pretty amazing, good job, Mashallah! awww and little Ali is SO adorable!

mint.fresh.muslim said...

Thanks for sharing the first part of your post. I ditto your sentiments. So humiliating for us. They, Sarkozy and his gang, have no respect for Muslims, in France at least.

On a lighter note, sounds like your first day went great. Great kids mA, looks like it's gonna be fun iA :-)

Amanda said...

As for swimming, I end up having to swim in my clothes too, so what I do is wear work out pants (not the rain proof noisy ones, but the soft ones like this: ). Then I wear a bathing suit top (old habits die hard) with a long sleeve undershirt and a looser tee shirt on top. It is lighter than most other combinations,and the material of the pants makes them dry quickly. Maybe this will help next time :) Also, we go late in the night to our housing development's pool because it is mostly deserted (and the water has soaked up all the sun from the day and is nice and warm).

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with ya...

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