Saturday, August 22, 2009


Happy Ramadan to all! May Allah bless you and accept all of our efforts.

I love the feel that Ramadan brings and how the community gets together and actually feels like an Ummah. I am cooking for the community Iftar tonight at the masjid. The community Iftars are organized by each individual community each Saturday during Ramadan. The first Saturday the African/ African American community brings their traditional foods. The next Saturday the Lebanese / Arab community caters the on so fourth, I love it is is all so delicious!


Precious Muslimah said...

Ramadan Mubarrak ukhti,
May Allah make this a blessed Ramadan for us all!!! Ameen

ayah said...

Ramadan kareem! mashAllah, sister, may Allah reward you the best :)

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Ramadan Kareem!

jana z. said...

ramadan kareem sister mango!!! ohh how i wish i lived in a larger muslim community and inshallah one day i will.

have a wonderful wonderful ramadan!!


Stephanie said...

Ramadan Mubarek sis! I hope you are having a very blessed Ramadan..

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