Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I want to move to France

Even with the Hijab Ban...

That's right... I am headed to the hospital for my mango issue and I will be charged over $500 because I do not yet have insurance. My sisters are coming from the next town over ( they are on their way as I type this) and are forcing me to seek medical attention. MY insurance from school ran out a week ago after my last mango affair... so now I have to pay an arm and a leg and what ever else soul perhaps... just to get better... My insurance from my new job will not kick in until August some time. So I might be out of commission for a few days.


and you will want to move to France as well...time to start planning hat hijabs :D


deppchick said...

Love you, and I had fun rushing you to the hospital! Do me a fave sis, lay off the mangos! WE LOVE YOU MS. MANGO!!!!!!!! Keep the blogs coming PLEASE!

Ms. Mango said... was a blast..ur right i might have to evaluate my relationship with mangoes until i have insurance :D

deppchick said...

Yes mam! Love your blog! It is a inspiration, your the David Blane of Fruit! Love You! Ms. Mango!!

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