Saturday, June 20, 2009

Im Back!! and Home School anyone? :(

Salaams out there!

I have been MIA for a few days due to my Mango trip, but I am back and I am 85% cleared up. Hooray.

As most of you know I recently took on a job at a private Islamic school. the principal sent me an article about Muslim parents who choose to home school.
read here
Honestly, I read the article and I still have my negative feelings about the whole home schooling thing, while some parents can teach their children and actually have them learn I do not think that most have the training to do it effectively. The 'sensitive' child in the article probably could have benefited from being exposed to other children. Maybe it's tough love on my part but kids need to experience building their own personalities away from mummy!
Its like extreme sMothering, children need to be around other children to socialize and to be able to relate to people who are different from them.
Anyone agree?
(this just reminded me of a book review I need to write!) Stay tuned


Stephanie said...

I could never ever homeschool my children but that's because I'm usually ready to get at least the older ones out of my hair for some of the day. I do teach them Islamic studies at home, which for me can be stressful because I just don't think my kids take me as serious as they would their teacher.
I think alot of Muslims and religious Christians go the homeschooling route because they want their kids to be in a wholesome environment away from some of the haram things that go on in public schools. Many just can't afford private Islamic schools.
I totally agree that children need to be out and socialize and learn how to be independent. I think it can be done with homeschooled kids if the parents have him/her in alot of extra activities such as sports or classes at the Y or whatever.
As for the importance of actually having a teaching degree or at least some type of formal training I really feell this is irreplaceable. I'm not a teacher, but I'm sure there are all kinds of teaching and learning methods that can be used to maximize a childs potential and how they learn things. That's one of the problems I have with our local Islamic school; none of the teachers actually have a background or certification in teaching.

Ms. Mango said...

Thank you for your comment Stephanie, I could not agree with you more! I think if parents do their parts at home and build their childrens Islamic knowledge then their children will have a strong foundation and be better prepared to face real world situations.

Lisa said...

Very, very good post dear. I completely agree!

My mother never home-schooled, but had a nursing degree. She could have if she wanted to, but we were public schooled. The benefit was incomparable. Though mom was an avid reader, and generally smart woman, we needed a teacher with the patience and training.

All too often, I see homeschooler moms who were themselves high school dropouts, didn't attend college at all...This is not the best way to ensure our children get into Harvard or Yale.

My siblings and I have all graduated university, though we're waiting on my brother to finish. Public or private school is the better alternative.

It fosters competition that you don't get in a homeschool where you are competing with yourself.

I can't tell you how much harder I tried on ACT and SAT's because I was competing with the best and brightest.

Our high school offered honors classes and real incentives for smarter students. What rewards does homeschool offer for a talented and gifted child?

Children do need to socialize, and also learn morality. It seems like throwing them into the mix only at the time they leave for college is a recipe for disaster i.e. a student who quits school.

I'm proud of you for taking on this excellent job Ms. Mango, and I know you will be brilliant habibty!

Love you and awesome post.

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