Monday, June 22, 2009

Time to break a nail...

Recent events and startling images that have bombarded my television and computer screens have prompted this post. Many of you know of this image of a Muslim woman lying in the street of Tehran, no need to mention her name for there are many like her who have remained nameless and for them I am posting as well.

Sunni? Shiite?



I must say I am proud to see Muslim women standing up for their rights and the things they believe in. for too long it seems the media has presented this image of Muslim women as prim, proper, subservient, beings who just do as they are told. In some Muslim countries this is a reality and women... Muslim or not are oppressed and would never go to a rally, protest, or retaliate against their oppressors. Not all of us are willing to sit down and shut up and let someone else fight our battles while we are grouped with children and the elderly. I am all for a woman being a woman and the duties and qualities that we posses. Having said that, one must understand that not saying NO is saying yes...

Muslim women warriors... learn more, here are a few

Nusaybah Bint Ka'ab - A Muslim revert who fought alongside The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Razia Sultana - Princess who lead armies

Shrarifa Fatima - Chieftainess

Begum Hazrat Mahal - Indian freedom Fighter

Noor Inayat Khan - First Muslim Pilot


deppchick said...

Your arguments are very compelling, and moving. You are a amazing woman and help make us women feel like we can all be amazing, and even make a difference. You make me, and im sure im not alone when I say this "happy to be a woman". Thank you Ms. Mango.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

I loved this post! Muslim women are not a monolithic, passive whole, as if often portrayed abroad. Thanks for all the links!

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