Sunday, June 28, 2009

Masjid - family night-- getting personal

I have finally gotten the Internet connected in my new place yay!

Yesterday there was a family night at the local Masjid, I really enjoy connecting with the Muslim community, being with the sisters, and enjoying the awesome food There was great conversation that centered around children and child birth. Childless as I am there was the lingering question from the sisters "So, when do you and your husband plan on starting a family?"
Well... we do have a family... me and him...
but then again it did kind of get to me, kids would be great, I would make an awesome mother, I am healthy, BUT Husband is still a student and He is SO not ready to be a I have to wait, it does not seem fair... Alas

my question for my Muslim readers
What do you think of family planning?


Mina said...

Mashallah i love gatherings as long it doenst get too crowded:P

I know what you mean about the whole wanting kids and wanting to be a great mother Inshallah in time sis:)I think its alright as long as your heart is in the right place.

struggling said...

It's really something that you and your husband need to discuss and plan for, it should be when both of you are ready and not because you feel preassure from Muslims at the mosque. Dh and I waited 3 years until we decided to try for a baby and I don't regret anything, so many people have kids right after marriage but I'm guessing they never got to do the things we were able to do. You do need to make sacrifices when you have kids and anyone who isn't ready shouldn't be having them.

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja visit you

Ms. Mango said...

Salaams ladies, thanks for your comments, honestly the whole 'be a baby machine' idea does not appeal to me... im only 24!!

struggling said...

Contrary to what some people believe 24 is not too old to be married and childless. I had my first child at 23 and when people asked when I was going to have the next I always said in 4-5 years, they were shocked that I would want to wait that long, but I was equally shocked that they wanted to make life harder and have a child one after the other. I guess in a way I ate my shock because now here I am 4 months pregnant with a 11 month old...yes we used protection...but alhamdulillah my daughter will have a play mate

Thirst For Knowledge said...

salaam alaikum sister,

I can relate to wanting children and having a husband who is a student and needing to wait. Inshaallah when the time is right allah will bless you both with lots of children; ameen. Right now i am living in spain with my husband and its so hard to find sisters who speak english so i tend to feel isolated from the other sisters. Good communication with ones spouse sometiles helps. I had a talk with my husband before i moved to spain this year and told him how contraceptives or no contraceptives will not prevent us from having a child if allah so wills for us to have one. Right now i still am in the process of getting a visa but i feel that whats meant to be will be so i have convinced my husband that we should still try to have kids because solmetimes it takes years of trying before a woman conceives. Please visit my blog, myspanish adventures; or you can access it from
keep in touch

Ms. Mango said...

Thanks rene, best of luck to you!

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