Friday, June 5, 2009

Obama in Egypt

(AP Photo/Ben Curtis)
Since this has been big in the news I thought I would do a quickie post about what I thought about President Obama's Address to the Muslim world.
First off, I like President Obama and it is really not about the politics. I mean I expect a U.S. President to be just that... a U.S. President...enough said. But It is great to have him address the issues that effect the Muslim world, backing up some of the things he talked about by referencing the Q'uran, no other president has done that from what I know of. It is great that he is reaching out to our people. Something else that I have to commend is Obama taking about Women's rights, a subject that is near and dear to me as a Muslim woman. I think he handled the topic very well by stating the important role of women in the home and outside the home... I mean If we ere not to go out side there wouldn't be no need for hijab, our religion wants us to be productive members with in our communities and our Ummah.
P.S. Women should be allowed to drive or at least have the choice to wherever there are cars... just my opinion... feel free to disagree :D

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