Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sleeve issue- Product review

Yesterday was my little sisters high school graduation and I wanted something nice and simple to wear. I remember that I had like 10 Shalwar Kameez sets in my closet. Problem is... they are all 3/4 sleeved. a few weeks ago I ordered 3 pairs of sleeves from

I liked these but they were a little warm for me. Overall I think they are decent quality and worth the price of 4.99 each.
I was happy not to have to wear a whole shirt underneath my shalwar.


Stephanie said...

Oh the ol' 3/4 sleeves conundrum. The little sleeve thingies are okay for cooler weather, but they drive me crazy in the summer since they tend to bunch up in the curve of my elbow and get so hot. You look pretty BTW.

City Hijabi said...

assalamwalikum sis, great blog LOOOOVE the title and concept!! so cute mashallah. I love mangoes by the way...

Sleeves, only just discovered them myself not so long ago...i bought some from a shop in the UK. Have a look at soon & inshallah I'll add a post about where you can buy the from online. Keep up the good blogging! x

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