Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy to be Muslim

I complain all the time... it is a very bad quality.. but I do complain

about people gawking at me
rude comments and remarks
not being able to find an appropriate swimsuit
difficulties shopping
being allergic to mangoes

I am happy to be me, a Muslim.
The inner peace I find know that the Almighty is most gracious and merciful and that I am on the right path of righteousness.
I enjoy not being objectified because of the beautiful modesty.
There are so many reasons I am happy to be Muslim...

What are some things you enjoy most about being a Muslim? Dear readers: Please Comment, let me know you are out there!


Stephanie said...

The thing I like most about being Muslim is the way we've maintained the integrity of the original religion. This is most evident to me in the Quran which hasn't changed and also in the way we pray. The purity of the Salah, laying your head to the ground and prostrating in worship to your Creator, is just beautiful. Sometimes when I look at the way some Christians worship, I can't help but wonder if they ever contemplate how far they are from the way Jesus (Isa saw) worshiped.

MuslimahonaDiet said...

masha'Allah nice post. what i like most about being muslim, knowing that no matter what He will always be there, and also knowing that this life is just an illusion.
Nice blog Ms. Mango!

clare said...

You are allergic to mangoes??? That's terrible, they are the best fruit ever!
Haha, okay, back on topic, I like what Stephanie said above :D

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

I gave you a blog award on my blog, http://datepalmsandlocalhoneyfarms.blogspot.com

:) I hope you like it.

jana z. said...

lol hajar beat me to it but you doubly deserve it.

You have won the Adorable Blog award, please check it out on my blog!


Ms. Mango said...

Salaams ladies and thanks for your comments
Steph- Very well spoken... I too wonder why Christians act so un-christ like...
Muslimonadiet - I could not agree with you more, it is so easy to forget that this life is only a passage way into the next.
Hajar and Jana Thanks for giving me my first awards! I love them!!

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