Saturday, July 4, 2009

patriotic Muslim

patriotic Muslim

It is the Forth of July! Time for picnics, friends & family, and of course fireworks. Now to the real meaning of July 4.... Independence from the Brits all those years ago, The problem I have with commemorating this holiday it that... While 'America' was free from their 'oppressors' they in turn became oppressors ie. slavery, occupation, imprisonment, reservations..... and so on.
I have traveled abroad and aside from France, there is no other country I would rather live, I enjoy my job, educating children from all over the world, I love my small Muslim community that allows us to connect and band together as a unique bunch. I like driving and going off for my alone time in a coffee shop. I like going to the movies with my hubby and eating together in a restaurant (things we could not do in his country without disapproving stares) I love my family and having my own home away from them. I am so happy that there are services for abused women and children, when I saw a child during my student teaching who had to be removed from her home because of the constant bruises she came to school.

All in all I am an American Muslim, and proud to be one! lets hear it for the red, white, and blue.. hooray for France:D

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Lisa said...

I loved what you said about the services for abused children that we have here. Mashallah the work that domestic violence shelters are doing is amazing. We know a girl who was sexually abused by her bio dad, and she's come so far.

For this, I too am grateful to be here. I also wish we could go to France though, if only for the free state child care and health insurance :)

I hope you have a great 4th of July and see lots of fireworks. Love you lots!

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