Friday, July 3, 2009

You must be hot!

Most Hijabies living in non Muslim countries often get this comment "you must be hot!" or "aren't you sweating under all that?" What to say... bother to explain?

My best responses yet is "um... actually it's like 90 degrees, whose not hot?" and "Yes it is hot out but should we all just get naked to escape the heat?"... (for when I'm in a sour mood) Grrr.... weird questions from random people... I'll never get use to it. Back to my swimsuit situation : While walking past the pool near my apartment (avoiding the odd looks from the women in their underwear) I began to contemplate.... a one piece hijab, workout pants (the swish swish kind) a long sleeve runner shirt and one of those trendy cover ups (one that does not cling) it may not be pretty but it could work!

I don't know... Wish there was a woman's only pool!!! then I would wear those cute little leggings that some people call modest :D

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