Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The in-laws are coming!

That's right...on their way as I type. hubby just spent a week with them in Chicago where his brother got married... I did not go because I had to help organize my mothers family Reunion (Hey.. it was planned before the wedding!) besides I think many Pakistani weddings are sort of um...over the top... I mean it is just my opinion but renting a large hall to display your wealth, dancing and painting your self for days, introducing yourself by first stating your occupation "salaam, meet my sister the Doctor, Fatima. Fatima, meet kindergarten teacher Tawhida... she is married to Khan, a student"
(everyone is a doctor or an engineer ya know so.... I we seem more like the hired help) It just has nothing to do with the purpose of marriage. My parents were married in a Masjid and the family cooked an awesome meal, my dad baked their cake!! Why the spectacle folks? It all makes my head hurt. anyway, watch the vid... get my point?

now back to the point... MY IN LAWS ARE COMING!!!!
I think they will be here for two weeks, I am just hoping that in these two weeks our cultures don't clash to much or that I don't get totally ignored since I don't speak their language. I just have the feeling some dark truths will come to light, because everything looks so nice when you are on the other side of the globe....
Make a Du'ah... that I make it out of this one with all my marbles


Nazia said...

Insha Allah everything will be fine. Don't worry & be yourself sister. They will love you =D

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

inshaallah you make it through!! and that is so adorable that your dad cooked your parents wedding cake! aww

Stephanie said...

Salam Alaikum--I hate the way Islamic weddings have become such a spectacle. My DH and I got married with just a handful of people present and then had a party 2 weeks later. We had it in our apartment clubhouse and we cooked all of our food. My mom provided the cake. It was fun and didn't cost us a fortune. I believe it's also true that many people use the brides mahr to pay for the wedding which is so not what the mahr is for. Anyway, sorry for ranting. Good luck with the inlaws sister.

Thirst For Knowledge said...

ugh, i know what you mean! pakistani or indian weddings tend to be over the top! usually there is over 1000 guests. in morocco the weddings are similar and last a few days. this is not the sunnah and most of these weddings cost thousands of dollars and usually the groom or his family has to take a loan out to pay for it. it can be hard having in laws from a different culture. im american and my inlaws are moroccan and do not speak engolish. that makes it more difficult to communocate. i think as long as you dont let cultural practices thazt go agsints islam get in the way you should be fine inshaallah! for me the hardest thing was sharing my husband with everyone. in moroccdan culture everyone does everything together. his family is very close whereas i am not that close to my parents. if anything its a good learning experience. inshaallah everything will be fine

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